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Ambassador Team


Ambassadors are the public relations and retention assistants of the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce. They are a group of business, professional and individual leaders in the community who have made a commitment to volunteer their time and efforts toward developing and maintaining a feeling of goodwill and understanding between the San Dimas Chamber and business, government, and the community at large.

Their mission is to generously give their time, to act as the greeting arm of the San Dimas Chamber, and to ensure that the membership is being served. They are a team that believes in creating productive working relationships, encourages member involvement, and acts as a catalyst in the San Dimas Chamber’s effort to produce a dynamic business climate within the City of San Dimas.

Please feel free to call any of the San Dimas Ambassadors if you would like more information on how you can make the most of your membership.


Sandi Martinez

Ambassador Chair

Cyndia Williams

Vicky Maliszewski

Marilyn Sparks

Sona Baghdassarian

Sean Cazares

Book Seller

For Inquiries